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5 April 2021
Disorot Kemenkes, Ini 3 Hal yang Perlu Kamu Tahu Soal Masker Palsu
Masker Palsu - Achmad Reyhan Dwianto detail

22 Februari 2021
Dokter Terawan Prakarsai Pengembangan Vaksin COVID-19 Berbasis Sel Dendritik
Mantan Menteri Kesehatan RI Terawan Agus Putranto jadi salah satu pemrakarsa pengembangan vaksin COVID-19 berbasis sel dendritik, yang diklaim jadi yang pertama di dunia. Vaksin itu kini sudah masuk uji klinis tahap II. detail

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About Us


Sejak tahun 2008, kami merupakan Agen dan Distributor untuk peralatan laboratorium dan bahan kimia laboratorium. 3 tahun terakhir kami memasarkan alat laboratorium untuk memenuhi permintaan dari instansi sekolah, universitas, industri umum dan kalangan masyarakat yang melakukan penelitian dan pengembangan dalam dunia laboratorium.

Having a viewpoint that the future of development in Indonesia will be hardly depend on education; scientific education and a viewpoint that worldwide industrial will depend on science, in which scientific education and industrial development will have never apart from laboratory equipment, whether for a practice in the field of Quality Control, Research, etc. This point of view had drawn the attention of the founders of PT MULYA JAYA MEDILAB to be in full concurrence to establish a firm with range of laboratory equipment supplies; for the need of Universities, Institution, Research & Development Center in various departments and also Quality Control or R&D Center in various Industrial Companies.

This firm establish with the name of PT MULYA JAYA MEDILAB, and started its activities in October. 2008. Without forgotten expressing our thankfulness and praise to The Lord which has been blessing us, PT MULYA JAYA MEDILAB is developing fast.

At present, PT MULYA JAYA MEDILAB with its Laboratory Equipment Catalogs 3th edition, has been well known almost by those which are dealing with the field of Food & Beverage Industrial, Pharmacheutical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Ceramic, Automotive Industries, Hospital, education sector as Universities and Schools, Institution for Quality Control, etc. Besides, some small segment of Educational & Laboratory Equipment for Junior & High School practice also available.

We do hope thet we could give something to the development of our lovely country, and may this short introduction would bring us to a nice co-operation for the benefit all of us.